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    BELL type annealing furnaces are widely used for annealing steel coils. The coil can be a steel strip, a steel wire or any other shape that can be incorporated into the furnace. The furnace can be electrically heated, fueled or gas. It can also be used for decarburization of stampings.
    The furnace is a cylindrical furnace with a top cover design, that is, the furnace is held in a fixed base in an inverted position. A properly sized bridge crane from one base to the other carries the furnace itself. The Furnace housing will have a sturdy construction and is suitable for reinforcement with rolled parts. The furnace is placed on the inner lid with ceramic fibers sealed therebetween. The inner cover is placed on the base with a neoprene seal ring in the middle to make the inner cavity airtight
    Enhanced performance
    Low maintenance
    Energy efficient
    The strip is black and bright annealed.
    Wire annealing.
    Steel ball spheroidizing annealing.
    Normalizing/stress recovery of steel castings.
    Annealed copper and aluminum products.
    Stamping decarburization.
    Factory Workshop
    Cooperative Customers
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